Iphone versus Xiaomi english #mamaguia
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Iphone versus Xiaomi english


We are going to compare two smartphones that are very popular in their respective countries, the North American Iphone and the Chinese Xiaomi. We know that the Iphone is very expensive but of very good quality, making it the most famous cell phone on the planet. Now, the Xiaomi is a brand that is rapidly rebounding among its competitors, not only because of its average price, but also because of the benefits which has, for example:

The Iphone has excellent camera, IOS operating system, excellent finish with first quality materials, a processor that is highly efficient, capacity to spare, from 16Gb to 256Gb of storage, fingerprint for greater security, etc.

The camera Xiaomi walks by the average, but has other features that are more related to daily use, infrared port, dual sim, FM radio, wake up the screen with two touches, that is, it is much closer to what a user needs every day, We believe that you should pay more attention to the Chinese brand. Iphone has stuck in time, knowing that most of its competitors have the aforementioned benefits of the Xiaomi, still, it makes deaf ears to what people really want from their favorite brand. We hope that Iphone reconsiders and puts up with the rest, or we must say that we miss tremendously to its creator Steve Jobs.


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Región: Utah

Ciudad: Salt Lake City